A day in Paris – Anita

Im taking you back to a sunny day in Paris with Anita. This gorgeous girl is a lover of fashion and beautiful places. She loves life and all things beauty. She contacted me if I would shoot her in on of her favourite cities, Paris. I didn’t need to think about it since Paris is my favorite city in the world [yeeeeep]. 

We had lunch, did some shopping and shot beautiful pictures.
She wanted pictures of herself to remind herself of her love for life, travel and freedom. 

Anita, you are gorgeous. Thank you for your joyful spirit and amazing style. More woman need to book a photographer and travel somewhere to capture their unique beauty. Thank you for knowing who you are and how beautiful you are. You inspired me.

Caribbean Love || Jacob and Simone || Playa Forti, Curacao

Two weeks ago I was on a mission in the Caribbean.
One was to relax to the max and the second one was to shoot art for a poetry book that is coming out soon. Everything is beautiful on an Island. The colours, the water, the atmosphere and definitely the sunrays on my skin!
Relaxation means reading books.
Lots of them.
During my stay I was reading a poetry book Letters, To The Men I Have Loved by poet Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol. Oh men, what an amazing woman! She truly puts feelings and visuals into words.

On the other hand I started reading The Artisan Soul by the amazing Erwin McManus.
I remember laying on the beach [good life] and starting off this book. As I was going through the pages I came across a line that caught my eyes.

”I want to stand where the echoes stop. Where the shouting of the masses falls silent to the whisper of the one”
Yes. This. Me. I want to stand where the echoes stop.

All of the amazing things that have been written about the artisan soul engraved new desires in my heart of stepping out, and taking my creative soul to a next step.
During the reading Erwin made a statement about artists and how they get to work.

we dream, we risk, we create.”

During that thought I noticed a cute couple sitting next to me.
They were reading a book I think, or drawing stuff in a book. They were doing something with a book, ha!
Then I was thinking to myself, laying on the beach with this perfect view, on an amazing Island FULL of lovely places. Why not ask them to model for me?
Why not ask them to step into my creative process to create something beautiful?

I freaked out by the thought.
Don’t get me wrong.
I am a super extravert person who loves people, chit chats, hangouts and all things hysterical.
Yep, that’s me.
Normally I don’t mind stepping up to people and talk to them [Imma church girl haha].
But the idea of asking random couple…

And then, there it was.. I knew what I was. Its was the fear of rejection.

What if they say no?
What if the idea is stupid?
What if they don’t like my work?
What if they don’t like me?
What if, what if what if..

we dream, we risk, we create.”

”Ok. To create you need to risk Hind.”
I think I waited an hour and doubted over all the what if’s.
Long story short, I walked towards them and started a convo with these lovers.
All of the thoughts I had, none of them was happening. Neither was it the truth.

Fear limits potential. It makes you comfortable.
I know it now. I hope you will.

So this is the result.
Eventhough I’m happy with this session, I am more happy with me trusting my creative soul.

”I want to stand where the echoes stop. Where courage conquers compliance and conformity..”


Wedding of Hendrik and Natalie || Le Chateau Du Bon Plaisir, France

I am so so excited to share this dream day with you!
So get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.

Round 1,5 years ago I met this girl while meeting up with a friend. She hang with us, we talked and had fun. Little did I know that a couple months later she would be joining us at working for Zoete Liefde!
And the journey began.
The best way to describe these two, is just to say that they are ridiculously creative. From graphic design to fashion design; they can do it al haha! Actually the Instagram kinda ”goals-couple”.

The beautiful two got married in France. it was a very intimate wedding with less than 30 people. I love these kinda weddings. I just love it!
We drove to France on Tuesday. When we got there the family welcomed us and brought us to our room. The villa they rent was scandalously beautiful. We chilled the next 2 days and went to the beach. We barbecued and laughed so much!
The day they got married was a beautiful day. The whole wedding day was at the gardens around the house. Every friend and familie member helped with everything. Thats so lovely! They had friends who cooked us diner for 4 days, family who decorated the whole house etc.

They got ready in the house separately. Natalie wore her beautiful self made wedding dress and Hendrik had his hair up in a bun [groom-goals!]. Before they saw each eachother self for the first time, they wanted to pray. We had that moment outside.
After that we went to different place to take some photo’s. Afterward it looked like I was shooting for a magazine. ALL THE PLACES WHERE AMAZING. Couldn’t help myself.

We got back to the house and we had we ceremonie where every friend and family had a rol in the ceremonie. How beautiful! They wanted every love one in their life to give them a blessing.

So you guys, Im not sure what to share anymore..
So please go and check out this blog and I hope it inspires you!

xoxo HIND MARI […]

Engagement || Bas and Marleen || De Loonse en Drunense Duinen

I really don’t have a lot to say about this engagement session because its my favorite one I did so far.
I mean: THE LIGHT!
These lovely two are getting married this Saturday and I’m excited!
Hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I do.

FYI: we walked the whole time. Till dark and we got lost in the bushes. In the dark. You welcome.

xoxo HIND MARI […]