I am so so excited to share this dream day with you!
So get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.

Round 1,5 years ago I met this girl while meeting up with a friend. She hang with us, we talked and had fun. Little did I know that a couple months later she would be joining us at working for Zoete Liefde!
And the journey began.
The best way to describe these two, is just to say that they are ridiculously creative. From graphic design to fashion design; they can do it al haha! Actually the Instagram kinda ”goals-couple”.

The beautiful two got married in France. it was a very intimate wedding with less than 30 people. I love these kinda weddings. I just love it!
We drove to France on Tuesday. When we got there the family welcomed us and brought us to our room. The villa they rent was scandalously beautiful. We chilled the next 2 days and went to the beach. We barbecued and laughed so much!
The day they got married was a beautiful day. The whole wedding day was at the gardens around the house. Every friend and familie member helped with everything. Thats so lovely! They had friends who cooked us diner for 4 days, family who decorated the whole house etc.

They got ready in the house separately. Natalie wore her beautiful self made wedding dress and Hendrik had his hair up in a bun [groom-goals!]. Before they saw each eachother self for the first time, they wanted to pray. We had that moment outside.
After that we went to different place to take some photo’s. Afterward it looked like I was shooting for a magazine. ALL THE PLACES WHERE AMAZING. Couldn’t help myself.

We got back to the house and we had we ceremonie where every friend and family had a rol in the ceremonie. How beautiful! They wanted every love one in their life to give them a blessing.

So you guys, Im not sure what to share anymore..
So please go and check out this blog and I hope it inspires you!

xoxo HIND MARI […]